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Activities of PABSON
Ever since its inception, PABSON has been playing an active and constructive role in improving access and quality of school education. It has been trying to provide guidelines to private schools for making them more efficient, self sufficient and socially responsible. Some of its major activities include:

  • PABSON is playing a leading role in coordinating with all education stake holders in trying to resolve all issues relating to private schools including framing policies to control private schools, determination of criteria for basic fees structuring, guaranteeing protection of private investment in schools, safe guarding interests of employees, ensuring the discharge of social responsibilities by private schools.
  • PABSON has been exploring ways of making school education more accessible, more affordable but without compromising on the quality of education.
  • PABSON has been working towards improving the education through:
    • Providing academic and co-curricular support to member schools. Developing selecting quality teaching materials and sharing resources. Conducting training programme in management, resource mobilization/utilisation and pedagogy. Holding common examinations at district and national levels such as the Class V, VIII, Terminal Exams and SLC Send UP Examinations. Carrying out interaction programmes at regular intervals. Organising, participating, representing in National, District and Regional Level Educational Workshops, Seminars, Conferences and Policy Making Governmental and Non-governmental Meetings.
  • PABSON has been conducting Inter School Extra Activities, Sports and Athletics and curricular activities for the students at the District Level and Regional Level.
  • PABSON leaders have represented the Organisation is different national and international level seminars, workshops, training programmes and conferences.
  • PABSON has representatives at District, Regional and National Level Committees formed by the Government and Non Governmental Offices related with Educational concerns.
  • PABSON Central Committee holds District, Regional and National Level Meetings at different parts of the country at an Interval of 2-3 months through out the year.
  • PABSON has recently contributed its active role in the National Level Committee to Control, Determine Fees and Supervise Private schools toward the re-registration institutional transformation of Private Schools through out the nation. Schools now have been registered as of 2061 at the Company Registrar's Office as a Private Company Ltd. or at the Central District Office as a Educational Trust.
  • PABSON is also supporting the work force in its member schools by:
    • Directing member schools to implement an acceptable salary scale and provide proper working conditions for its employees.
      Conducting short-term and medium term training programmes for professional development.
      Trying to establish a staff welfare fund so as to provide help to needy employees.
  • PABSON has been producing its own high quality textbooks and teaching materials and screening other such materials so that member schools use only good quality materials.
  • PABSON has been extending its support for conducting various educational researches at individual/organizational levels so that facts are made available to the concerned people.
  • PABSON has also been exploring ways of making private schools more socially responsible.